King Faisal Hospital: Achieving the World’s First Robotic-Assisted Whole Liver Transplant

2023-09-28 15:16:34 Riyadh: King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh has successfully performed the world’s first robot-assisted liver transplant surgery. This is a very rare fully robotic liver transplant. With this, King Faisal Specialist Hospital deserves an unprecedented medical achievement. A 60-year-old Saudi national suffering from liver disease underwent surgery. Head of the … Read more

MIT and Toyota launch the artificial intelligence revolution in robotics with fast-learning humanoids!

2023-09-22 06:44:35 For the Toyota research laboratory and its partners, AI in robotics is on the verge of the same kind of revolution as with generative AI. Explanations. This will also interest you [EN VIDÉO] Interview: are avatars the future of robotics? Science fiction often uses avatars, these robotic doubles controlled remotely. But are they… … Read more

This tiny robot moves easily thanks to repeated explosions

2023-09-18 15:09:46 Researchers have developed a tiny quadruped robot that explodes methane to move forward. This allows him to carry 22 times his weight or jump as high as an insect. This will also interest you [EN VIDÉO] Kézako: how does combustion take place? It is used to heat us in winter, to light us, … Read more

A kit to assemble your robot in 7 different ways!

2023-09-07 18:03:00 The Ubtech company has just launched a fundraising campaign for its new robot. Offered as a kit, it is a system of modules that can be assembled in different ways to create more than seven different robot models. This will also interest you [EN VIDÉO] Discover the profession of robotics engineer! Is the … Read more

Surprising Confession: Alfredo Benavides Likes Robotina and Offers an Opportunity!

2023-09-06 15:50:07 Karelys Molina, the popular “Robótina”, said that she was surprised to learn that Alfredo Benavides said that he liked it and thanks him for the opportunity he gave him to work in his circus. In addition, she pointed out that if she was offered the offer to enter the second season of “La … Read more

The US military plans troops of several thousand robots to counter Chinese power

2023-09-03 16:01:07 Faced with the Chinese threat to Taiwan, the American army intends to soon acquire a massive army made up of tens of thousands of killer robots and autonomous drones. For the US military, Russia remains an acute threat, but China poses a major military capability challenge. It is precisely in the face of … Read more