Qataris amazed by Japanese fans taking the initiative to clean up trash after watching the game | World Cup | Stands

[The Epoch Times, November 24, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun) The 2022 FIFA World Cup is being held in Qatar (or translated into Qatar). Sharp-eyed people discovered thatJapanfanAfter the opening game, take the initiative to play on the courtstandsclean upRubbishsurprisingly. The 22nd FIFA World Cup officially debuted in Qatar on November 20. In … Read more

Rodolfo Hernández: judge says his case should go to the Supreme Court – Research – Justice

At around 9:20 a.m. this Thursday, the trial hearing began for alleged irregularities in a consulting contract on the El Carrasco landfill in Santander, when Rodolfo Hernandez he served as mayor of Bucaramanga. (Also read: ‘Process against Rodolfo Hernández must go to the Supreme Court’: defense). Although Hernández is one of those investigated in this … Read more

Nenmei “hasn’t thrown away trash in 2 years” smells sour… The landlord opened the door stupidly and the net was shocked: the mouse has to navigate in it | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

The renter and the renter are admired by everyone, but if you encounter a tenant with poor hygiene habits, it will really make people very dumbfounded. A landlady in Zhejiang Province, mainland China, complained that she rented her flat to a young girl, but she didn’t expect that the other party did not throw away … Read more

2 The young girl stayed in the hotel for a month and “checked out the house full of garbage and long maggots”, the boss was angry: I haven’t seen the store for 5 years | International | CTWANT

Two Chinese girls stayed in the hotel for more than a month, and the scene of checking out was frightening. (Picture / Retrieved from Upstream News) The hotel receives all kinds of guests every day, and the situation is all kinds of strange. Two Chinese girls recently checked into a hotel in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing … Read more

The dressing room was exposed after Italy lost: there are cigarette butts in the house full of garbage – yqqlm

The dressing room was exposed after Italy lost: there are cigarette butts in the house full of garbage – yqqlm

Original title: After Italy lost the locker room exposure: the house full of garbage and leftover cigarette butts In the European play-offs of the World Qualifiers, Italy lost 0-1 to North Macedonia and missed the World Cup. Italy’s performance has been unanimously criticized by the outside world, but it is their post-match dressing room that … Read more

Paprec’s turnover exceeds 2 billion euros

The family group, which had a turnover of 1.5 billion euros in 2020, confirms its status as a major player in recycling and waste treatment. The Paprec recycling and waste treatment group has reached the milestone of 2 billion euros in turnover in 2021, its boss, Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, announced on Wednesday. Specifically, the family group … Read more