Ukrainian father travels to Russia To bring back the child who was taken away : PPTVHD36

Foreign media published a story about a Ukrainian single father whose three children were taken to Russia. And he has to do whatever it takes to bring back the apple of his heart. If the city you live in faces a threat of war. And your children were taken by enemies to their country while … Read more

Russia claims to launch missiles in revenge against Ukraine After the sabotage at home | 10 Mar. ’23

Russia claims to launch missiles in revenge against Ukraine After the sabotage at home . Russia has launched another massive air strike. In many areas of Ukraine over the past three weeks, the main target remains civilian energy infrastructure. As a result of the attack, many parts of Ukraine were faced with power shortages. . … Read more

Putin signs the law “Prohibit government officials from using foreign words” : PPTVHD36

Putin signs new law “Forbid government officials from using foreign words” Politically, “language” is one of the most important tools for spreading cultural influence. The language of each nation is unique and the identity of that nation, so there is a concept that adoption of another language This is an opportunity for outside cultural influences … Read more

It hurts but it’s over! Russo-Ukrainian War Is there a chance it will end this year? : PPTVHD36

Russian military analysts estimate that “The Russo-Ukrainian war is likely to heat up. But it might end this year.” 24 Feb, which is coming It will be the one-year anniversary of Russia’s “military special operations in Ukraine.” When will this conflict end? Pavel Flegenhauer Russian military analyst of the USSR Academy of Sciences. which specializes … Read more

Davos is everything to them – Newspaper Kommersant No. 8 (7453) of 01/18/2023

On Tuesday, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict became the main topic for discussions of world politicians in several places at once. Thus, a representative delegation from Washington came to Kyiv to discuss the details of American assistance. However, the meetings of the guests from the United States with their Ukrainian colleagues were relatively quiet, behind closed doors, … Read more

Sirens sounded across Ukraine. Even though Russia announced a 36-hour ceasefire | 7 Jan ’23

Sirens sounded across Ukraine. Even Russia declares a 36-hour ceasefire. Last night, sirens sounded across Ukraine. Warned people to be careful when leaving their homes. Despite Russia declaring a 36-hour ceasefire to allow citizens to celebrate Orthodox Christmas while Western allies send more aid to Ukraine After it was reported that Russia is preparing to … Read more