Updates on Boulevard de la Sauvenière Construction Project: Access, Traffic, and Information

2023-10-14 12:17:17 The construction site will be located on Boulevard de la Sauvenière, at Rue Lonhienne. Coming from Boulevard d’Avroy, it will no longer be possible to turn left to make a U-turn. The crossroads located at the foot of rue Saint-Gilles will be reopened to traffic in its final configuration. As Boulevard de la … Read more

Traffic Alert: Boulevard de la Sauvenière Closed Due to Massive Crane Assembly – Avoid Route if Possible

2023-08-12 11:32:00 Surprise for motorists this Saturday. It is impossible for them to take the boulevard de la Sauvenière coming from the rue Haute Sauvenière or the roundabout of the Opera in Liège! In question, the assembly of a huge crane which completely blocks the boulevard from its entrance at the level of the café … Read more

Car Enters Tram Site on Boulevard de la Sauvenière: Shocking Video Footage

2023-08-11 10:28:26 It should not become a habit but, unfortunately, it will still happen. This Friday around 11:30 a.m., a car entered the tram site, on Boulevard de la Sauvenière. of videos Obviously, a site barrier, supposed to close the boulevard at the Neujean car park, had been badly closed. A driver therefore continued on … Read more

Suspicious Vehicle Halts Traffic in Liège Center: Latest Updates and News

2023-06-12 08:12:29 Traffic was interrupted on Monday morning in the center of Liège. A suspicious vehicle was indeed reported just in front of the Moroccan consulate, located at number 42 boulevard de la Sauvenière. Traffic was therefore interrupted on the latter and also at Boulevard d’Avroy. L.S. A security perimeter was established while the police … Read more