World Cup Qatar 2022: Funny flirting moment between Schweini and ARD-Esther! | Sports

Did she find it as funny as he did? At the end of the World Cup, ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger (38) is in top form. After Argentina’s final victory against France (7:5 on penalties), he shines with clear analyzes and strong opinions (“I think Messi himself wasn’t happy about that either. In my opinion, the … Read more

WM 2022 in the ARD: grade 1 for wrecking ball Sedlaczek! TV criticism of the DFB-Aus | Sports

The German World Cup embarrassment becomes their moment of glory! How ARD woman Esther Sedlaczek (37) works her way through the DFB ruins with adjutant Bastian Schweinsteiger (38) after the World Cup disaster, that had something of a wrecking ball. “Do you really believe that?” Climax: Your 1:1 interrogation with national team manager Oliver Bierhoff … Read more

World Cup 2022: ARD presenter puts Bierhoff through the wringer! “Do you believe that?” | Sports

After the bitter debacle-off in the WM-Preliminary round, those responsible for the DFB face the ARD moderators. Manager Oliver Bierhoff (54/managing director national teams) also has to put up with the tough questions from Esther Sedlaczek (37)! also read Bierhoff: “The disappointment is of course huge. And of course there is anger. Anyone who saw … Read more