Red flags to detect an imminent suicide case

Josep M. Suelves Joanxich Updated:14/12/2021 10:28h Keep Related news Suicidal behavior constitutes a serious social and public health problem throughout the world. Every year more than 700,000 people die from suicides worldwide and the number of non-fatal cases is about 20 times higher. Along with the loss of human life, suicides have an enormous impact on … Read more

Mysterious radio signals from the center of the galaxy baffle scientists

Jose Manuel NievesCONTINUE Madrid Updated:15/10/2021 09:48h Keep Related news An international team of astronomers from half a dozen countries has just discovered a series of strange radio signals coming from the center of our galaxy. The signals are different from any other analyzed so far, and do not fit any of the known patterns emission from … Read more

Could radio signals from distant stars be revealing hidden planets?

ABC Science Madrid Updated:11/10/2021 19: 21h Keep Using the most powerful radio antenna in the world, scientists have discovered that some stars emit radio waves unexpectedly. And, after the initial bewilderment, astronomers at the University of Queensland (Australia) have linked this phenomenon to the possible existence of hidden planets in these star systems. The results … Read more

Signs of a heart attack and how to act

ABC Madrid Updated:09/29/2021 12:59h Keep Related news This Wednesday, September 29, the World Heart Day. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the main cause of death worldwide and can be caused by multiple factors: from smoking to diabetes through high blood pressure, obesity and air pollution, among others, as reported by the Spanish Heart Foundation. In the … Read more

symptoms and signs to know how to detect it

ABC Madrid Updated:14/09/2021 16:10h Keep Related news Today, September 14, the World Dermatitis Day atopic with the aim of making the population visible and aware of the affective and psychological impact of people who suffer from this disease, which is increasingly dominant among the population. Around 30,000 people suffer from severe atopic dermatitis in Spain, affecting … Read more