Latest Updates: Better and More Targeted Advice for Diabetes Management

2023-07-12 06:37:19 News Better and more targeted advice for people with diabetes by Michaela Richter and Christina Seddig (07/12/2023) In addition to exercise, nutrition is a basic pillar in the counseling of people with type 2 diabetes. Eating behavior influences the metabolism and can contribute directly to improving or worsening diabetes mellitus and its complications. … Read more

The Increasing Number of Severe COVID-19 Infections in Shanghai and the Future Trends: A Comprehensive Report

2023-06-17 13:59:56 On December 19, 2022, a large number of COVID-19 patients lined up in the fever clinic of Shanghai Huadong Hospital. (Image credit: Getty Images) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror sites. [Look at China News, June 17, 2023](See comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Muzi Li) Mainland Chinanew crown(Covid-19)VirusCaused by “Multiple Suns”sequelaeWorrying, … Read more

“The Risk of Autoimmune Diseases After COVID-19: What You Need to Know and How to Stay Vigilant”

2023-05-18 09:06:13 [Voice of Hope May 18, 2023](Editor: Li Wenhan) After being diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19), many people will pay special attention to whether there are sequelae in the body. In this regard, the Department of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology of Linkou Chang Gung shared an article on Facebook fans. A … Read more

[Front-line interview]People worry about the second peak and sequelae of the soaring epidemic | 900 million | Long new crown

[The Epoch Times, January 28, 2023](Epoch Times reporters Xia Song and Luo Ya interviewed and reported) The infection rate in China has soared to 80% to 90%, making it the country with the highest infection rate in the world.In December last year, the National School of Development of Peking University reported that the number of … Read more

Duke University discovers the cause of anosmia caused by the new crown | covid 19, new coronavirus | sequelae

[The Epoch Times, January 01, 2023](The Epoch Times, North Carolina News) A Duke University scientist has studied the loss of smell caused by the new coronavirus, especially those who have long-term thissequelaepeople. Studies have found that when patients infected with the new crown develop symptoms of anosmia, they are often accompanied by weakness, trembling, lethargy, … Read more

Dangerous long-term new crown 4 types of people are vigilant and vaccine can’t stop it? 1 Way to Improve | Corona Virus | Corona Vaccine | Meditate

After many people are infected with the new crown, the symptoms will continue for a long time and cannot fully recover; some people are infectedcoronavirusThe symptoms in the early stage are not the same as acute attacks. It is a long-term and chronic disease. The amount of virus in the body is constantly changing, and … Read more