US government proposes a slimmed-down package in the dispute over aid

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Tönnies has to close the slaughterhouse – and defends himself in court

Tönnie’s plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück It is not the first time that the authorities have shut down an operation of the slaughterhouse. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf Tönnies … Read more

Maritim-Hotels: Now the “Silver Society” has to fix it

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Second lockdown in sight? Star virologists Streeck and Drosten call for “pragmatic solutions”

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Beer industry: Corona crisis affects breweries

Brewing industry According to the German Brewers’ Association, individual breweries had to cope with a decline in sales of more than 70 percent. (Photo: dpa) … Read more

More severe job cuts in the corona crisis expected by medium-sized companies

Empty shopping arcade in Dresden Many companies see the extension of the short-time work allowance as helpful, but expect more severe job cuts. (Photo: dpa) … Read more