Understanding “Long COVID”: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Symptoms in Patients Recovering from COVID-19

2023-05-16 09:55:14 【Voice of Hope May 16, 2023】 Have persistent heart-related symptoms or new-onset related symptoms, including chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath, or postural tachycardia 3 months after infection with the new coronavirus, and last for at least 2 months, but there is no abnormality in cardiovascular related examinations, It can be … Read more

“Taking Care of Your Lungs: How to Prevent and Manage COPD”

2023-04-28 07:33:00 Baierbrunn (ots) – Some people pay little attention to their breath, even when breathing becomes increasingly difficult. It is precisely then that you should be prudent. Especially people who smoke or have smoked for a long time. Because then the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD for short, is particularly high, according … Read more

“4 Warning Signs of Lung Cancer: Recognize Symptoms in Time for Early Detection”

2023-04-24 15:30:00 I wrote – Asmaa Morsi Cancer symptoms are often vague and subtle. This is the case for lung cancer, where there are no signs or symptoms in its early stages. However, knowing the warning signs beforehand can help you spot symptoms in time. Here are 4 warning signs of lung cancer that appear … Read more

10 symptoms where the emergency call counts

Shortness of breath, pain, bleeding 10 Symptoms That Make You Call 911 Only about one in ten patients in the emergency room is actually a medical emergency. This ties up capacity and worsens the supply for everyone. Emergency physician Ammar Ghouzi explains when you should definitely dial the emergency number. 2/8/2023 1:17 p.m If in … Read more

‘Cold’, which had been quiet due to Corona, surged again… cold 10 questions 10 answers [코/목/귀 상담소]

O-Jin Kwon, an otolaryngologist, and Hidak are working together. [코/목/귀 상담소]. Hidak counselors will answer all your questions about nose, throat, and ear-related diseases. The ‘cold’, a representative disease of the changing seasons, which has been quiet due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic for the past three years, is again popular among children. … Read more