How to Build a Formula 1 Car: The Ultimate Guide to Design, Development, and Testing

2023-09-21 00:15:38 He Formula 1 World Championship It is the most important and richest motor category on the planet, being year after year one of the most watched sports in each of the various events that take place around the world. Currently, Red Bull has dominated the season with 14 of the 15 dates that … Read more

Formula 1 Teams Suspected of Infringing Front Wing Regulations: Latest Updates from FIA and

2023-08-30 14:32:18 The International Automobile Federation (FIA) suspects that some teams infringed the Formula 1 technical regulations that focus on the use of the front wings, which could have a voluntary flexion that goes against what is indicated, as well the portal made it known The same source emphasizes that the FIA ​​sent a … Read more