COVID-19: a slight drop in cases in Quebec

If Canada crossed the threshold of one million COVID-19 cases declared since the start of the pandemic on Saturday evening, a slight decrease was recorded … Read more

COVID-19: cases decrease in Quebec and Ontario

COVID-19 cases fell on Saturday, both in Quebec and Ontario, which remain the two main sources of contamination in the country. • Read also: Outbreak … Read more

COVID-19: Ontario will soon have more cases than Quebec

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Twice as many cases in Ontario as in Quebec

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Canada exceeds 500,000 cases

Canada passed the psychological barrier of 500,000 COVID-19 cases on Saturday since the start of the pandemic. The country had 501,594 infections in the evening. … Read more

Now over 124,000 infections in Canada

Ontario and Quebec alone reported 224 new cases of the coronavirus disease on Friday, causing the country to now have more than 124,000 infections. Ontario … Read more