Improving Health and Wellness: Managing Lymphoma with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

2023-09-19 05:00:22 In recent years, the living habits of many of my friends have changed. In addition to going to work, they like to stay at home more in their spare time. Take a break at home, grab something to eat, and relax. Of course, his figure also improved step by step. As a result, … Read more

Understanding the 3 Abnormalities and AIDS Signs: Don’t Mistake them for Skin Disease

2023-09-08 04:00:00 3abnormalorAIDSsignal, don’t mistake it forskinsick. (Image source: Adobe Stock) It is forbidden for Chinese websites to create mirror websites. Mr. Liu, who is in his early 40s this year, works in a real estate sales company. Some time ago, he found dense erythema on his body, which was red and itchy. At first, … Read more

Title: “Understanding Morphea: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of a Rare Skin Disease”

2023-08-25 04:37:00 “Onion” can only be found in 3 out of 1 hundred thousand people only. Faced with a strange skin disease for 10 years, the doctor pointed out! This disease can occur from many factors. came out to share his own illness story for DJs, MCs, talented actors Tonhom – Shakuntala Tienpairoj by the … Read more

Improving Children’s Appetite and Digestive Health: Tips from a Registered Chinese Medicine Doctor

2023-06-19 01:59:30 Many parents find that their children have a poor appetite, have difficulty defecating, distended stomachs, restless sleep, etc., and may suffer from “infant food accumulation”. According to a registered Chinese medicine doctor, children who develop food accumulation usually have six major symptoms: heavy breath, thick tongue coating, poor stool or fart, abdominal fullness, … Read more

Improving Immunity Through Acupuncture: Tips for Preventing Frequent Illness

2023-06-05 07:39:49 The hot summer is hot, the sun is shining, and everything grows, even bacteria and viruses are extremely active. If one is not careful, it is easy to be provoked by external infections, and Dona is one of them. Dona is a sick child. Whenever the seasons change or when the temperature varies … Read more

Common Skin Changes During Pregnancy: Hormonal and Specific Rash Information and Treatment

2023-06-05 11:35:00 Key Point : Common skin changes during pregnancy include: hormonal rash and specific rash in pregnant women which have different symptoms and characteristics of the disease Since the symptoms do not affect the baby Until it can cause miscarriage. hormonal rash There will be changes in the skin, hair, nails, connective tissue, and … Read more