“Protecting Elderly and Diabetic Individuals: Safe Ablution Practices advised by Cardiologist Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr”

2023-05-15 07:37:18 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Professor of Cardiology, Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, issued a warning to the elderly and diabetics against ablution while raising their feet on the sink. said “Tiger”; On his Twitter account: “For the elderly, especially diabetics, never perform ablution by raising your feet over the sink.” He explained that this exposes the elderly … Read more

“Auction Embarrassment: Al-Hilal Goalkeeper’s Shoes Sold for 70 Riyals in Al-Zal Market”

2023-05-14 11:45:49 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip, Haraj on shoes, was documented for Al-Hilal club goalkeeper, Abdullah Al-Mayouf, in an auction in Al-Zal market in Riyadh. The video clip showed the auctioneer, Abdullah Al-Shugair, known as “Shalgam”, as he was embarrassed by the shoes of Al-Mayouf, as he said, in front of a number of … Read more

Al-Zal Market in Riyadh Auctioning Off “Rare Mill” in Haraj – Al-Marsad Newspaper

A rare “mixing mill” was recently auctioned at Al-Zal market, Riyadh, as documented in a video clip. The clip featured the famous Shalgham, who is known for auctioning rare items and commodities at the market. He displayed several mixing mills on a table and called for their price, with attendees present to witness the auction. … Read more

Watch .. “Abdullah Al-Sadhan” and “Nasser Al-Qasabi” in Al-Zal market in Riyadh while filming a scene in “Tash Ma Tash”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video clip documented the moment the artists Abdullah Al-Sadhan and Nasser Al-Qasabi were present in Al-Zal Market in the center of the capital, Riyadh, while filming one of the scenes of the Ramadan series Tash Ma Tash. The video showed Al-Sadhan and Al-Qasabi in photography clothes during a public auction in … Read more

Witness.. Haraj on rare coins in an auction in Al-Zal market in Riyadh..and revealing their price

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented an auction of old banknotes at a public auction in the Al-Zal market in Riyadh. Al-Maqtaa, one of the specialists in auctions of rare heritage goods in the Al-Zal market, and the famous Shalgham, explained that he was holding old paper currencies, in a wrapped folder to preserve them. … Read more