‘My Name Is’ Elimination Gala: Judges Rate Performances Live – Watch Online

2023-09-23 02:31:47 ‘My name is’ will have one of its most complicated nights, since the contestants will have to face the elimination gala in which one of them will immediately abandon their claim to win the prize of 500 million pesos. (See also: “I want to be your Jessi”: César Escola’s compliment to Paola Jara … Read more

Exclusive: Journalists from Noticias Caracol reveal their surprising relationship history

2023-09-18 16:18:07 Noticias Caracol is one of the most important media outlets on Colombian television, because in addition to its extensive experience, it is responsible for keeping viewers informed about the various events that happen in the country. In addition, it has a team of journalists who are not only present on the set but … Read more

Daniela Álvarez’s Journey: Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Strength

2023-09-14 00:10:43 Daniela Álvarez is a former beauty queen and presenter who became known in the entertainment sphere after her participation in the National Beauty Contest and later, her time at Miss Universe where she did not go unnoticed. However, she had to face a health process where ischemia caused the amputation of one of … Read more

Pasión de Gavilanes Season 3: Mario Cimarro Confirms the Continuation of the Colombian Soap Opera

2023-09-13 01:57:00 Season 2 of “Pasión de gavilanes” became a reality 19 years after the first appearance of the Colombian soap opera. In 2003, the small screen was not the same with the story of the Kings and Elizondo, between love and revenge. This is how the story has continued, two decades later, with the … Read more

Is Catalina Gómez Staying on Caracol TV’s ‘Día a Día’?: Latest Updates and Evidence

2023-09-09 03:47:51 With 42 years under her belt, paisa Catalina Gómez has become one of the most beloved images on Colombian television, thanks to the effort and dedication she has shown on the morning program ‘Día a Día, Caracol Televisión format, on who has been there for more than 17 years, a time during which … Read more

Watch the Last Episode of ‘Powerful Romina’ Live and Online: How to Watch Chapter 65 and Catch Up on the Colombian Novel

2023-09-08 12:23:37 Romina must decide if she will stay with Calidoso or Santiago. Photo: LR/Caracol TV composition | Snail Television ‘Powerful Romina’ already has a date for its last chapter and, after a moment of joy for Virginia’s capture, everything could get complicated now that the villain plans to escape justice by faking an unstable … Read more