Boston Unity Soccer Partners Expands NWSL to 16 Teams: A New Era for Women’s Sports

2023-09-19 22:59:23 The authorities of the professional women’s soccer league in USA announced today, September 19, that the group Boston Unity Soccer Partners received the rights to register the league’s 15th team. The club will begin operating from 2026. They also revealed that there is still one more new team to be announced, which means … Read more

San Diego Wave’s Defeat Against Kansas City Current: Losing NWSL Leadership and Controversial Refereeing

2023-09-19 17:09:19 San Diego Wave suffered a painful defeat on September 16 against Kansas City Currentwell They lost the three points and with it the leadership of the NWSL. A match that pitted the top teams against the bottom team looked like it would be a simple match for the locals. Those directed by Casey … Read more