Lottery neck. Luang Pu Saeng gives luck at the first prize, Sorayut Ng. Thank you for posting lucky numbers to make you rich.

necklotteryhey”Luang Pu Saeng“Give good luck1st prize While fans of the story show thanked “Sorrayut” for posting lucky numbers to make them rich. After the lottery … Read more

Reveals the history of “Luang Pu Saeng Yanwaro”, a famous monk, 98 years old after becoming famous.

Open History”Luang PuSaeng Yanwaro, a 98-year-old maestro, Phra Ajahn Mun Students flock to the hashtag #save Luang Pu Saeng from the case of Doctor Pla, … Read more

Love returns. Teacher Chonlathee Thanthong Kuadee, Kru Kum, wife of life partner, press conference on April 2

“Teacher Chonlathee powgold“Return to the embrace of “Kru Kum Sasiwimol” after having filed for divorce. Prepare to 2 Apr. becomenewsAs in the year 2019-2020 … Read more

Watermelon corpse has arrived at Thammasat Preparing for a second round of proving the mother threatens to sue the insulting person “for the sake of money”

Watermelon corpse has arrived at Thammasat Preparing to have surgery to prove the 2nd round. Mother threatens to sue people who scold. For the sake … Read more

“Mother Watermelon” countered the insider news, blaming brand-name bags that she picked up from her mother’s house. She still hasn’t carried it.

“Watermelon MomcounternewsWongnai said a brand-name bag that she picked up from her mother’s house. She hasn’t carried it yet. Got the car keys But the … Read more

“Mother Watermelon” reiterates that she does not want 30 million baht and asks for an event for her children to go to heaven (clip)

“Mother Watermelon” emphasizes her interest in her daughter. I don’t care about money. Clarify 30 million that I’m talking about. It’s just an assumption. Mrs. … Read more

“Lawyer Tum” warns “Mother Watermelon” may be guilty according to the Child Protection Act.

“Lawyer Tum” warns “Mother Watermelon” may violate the Child Protection Act. The knot reveals the insurance information of the flask The case of Mrs. Panida … Read more

Haven’t found “Watermelon Nida” since early morning carpet search. “Jane Yanthip” got on the boat to perform the ceremony.

Haven’t found it yet.”watermelon Nida” carpeted the search since early in the morning, “Jane Yanthip” volunteered to join the ceremony. After cruising, the point that … Read more