And now, ChatGPT becomes a radio host!

Among its latest and many talents, OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI is now doing radio. With RadioGPT, the American media group Futuri uses it to automatically generate specific live content for local radio stations. She writes dissertations, books that will be sold on Amazon, knows how to code malware and even invent games, so that OpenAI’s AI … Read more

How to Anonymously View a LinkedIn Profile

Do you know how to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously? This is a very common question for people who want to maintain their privacy when browsing other people’s profiles on the social media platform. Staying anonymous can be useful for talent acquisition professionals, for example, who don’t want candidates to know that their profile is … Read more

iOS 16.4 offers a preview of posts from Mastodon in Messages

Apple has added a nice little feature to the Messages app in iOS 16.4, the first beta of which has been available since last night. If you’re using Mastodon, posts shared through Apple’s instant messenger now offer a rich preview. The entire content of the post will be visible without leaving Messages, including images or … Read more

The love affair between a Russian boy and a Ukrainian girl stirs up social media

Mariia Vyhivska and Iurii Kurochkin. Photo by AP Mariia Vyhivska and Iurii Kurochkin, both 23, fell in love while playing an online video game. But the conflict between Russia and Ukraine threatened to ruin their relationship before it even began. They boldly turned their backs on the war hatred that enveloped their homeland and chose … Read more

Phu Yen denies information that teachers beat 5th graders | The media

On February 10, a number of social networking sites posted information about a 5th grade student being bullied by a teacher in Phu Thanh ward (Tuy Hoa city, province). Phu Yen) hit because he couldn’t do the lesson. This information has caused public outrage. However, through verification by the authorities, the content posted on social … Read more

Mysteriously missing female student’s body found in Hai Phong

Talking to the press, Mr. NQD (50 years old, residing in An Hung Commune, An Duong District, Hai Phong City) said that at more than 2pm on February 9, the family and the functional forces had body discovered His daughter is NTHH (20 years old) on the Cam River (near the foot of Kien Bridge, … Read more