Focus: China’s economic slowdown, multiple obstacles to stimulating consumption | Reuters

2023-08-25 22:03:00 BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) – Erin Yao, a 30-year-old book editor living in Beijing, has taken street dance classes and traveled all she could in the three years since the Chinese government’s “zero coronavirus” policy. I was going to do something that wasn’t there. On August 25, Erin Yao, 30, a book editor living … Read more

Angle: Chat GPT spreading in the workplace, security concerns | Reuters

2023-08-19 04:08:00 LONDON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of workers across the country are using generative AI ChatGPT in their daily work, according to a Reuters/Ipsos survey. But some executives at companies like Microsoft and Google are restricting its use in the workplace out of caution. Hundreds of thousands of workers across the United States … Read more

The Diplomatic Dispute: China’s Plans for New Embassy Near Tower of London

2023-07-14 21:31:00 LONDON (Reuters) – China’s plans to build a new embassy next to the Tower of London have turned into a diplomatic issue, but it all started with a local dispute. The municipalities of this area within the city of London turned the world’s second-largest superpower against them and thwarted the plan. China’s plan … Read more

The Truth About Aspartame: Is it Really Carcinogenic? Find Out the Facts

2023-07-13 23:15:00 The artificial sweetener aspartame is potentially carcinogenic to humans, but remains safe at acceptable intake levels. Pictured is a shelf of sodas at a supermarket in Pasadena, California. Photo taken in June 2020 (2023 REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni) LONDON (Reuters) – The artificial sweetener aspartame may be carcinogenic to humans, but it remains safe at … Read more

The Rise of Germany’s Far-Right Party AfD: Alarming Polls and Growing Support

2023-06-09 21:50:00 BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s far-right anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) is gaining support in polls, raising alarm among major parties. He is on track to win elections in three eastern German states by calling for a block on immigration and criticizing green policies as costly. Germany’s far-right anti-immigration party, the Alternative for … Read more

“The Harsh Realities of Russian Collaboration in Kherson: Exploring Cases and Consequences”

2023-05-19 22:10:00 KHERSON, Ukraine (Reuters) – Valentina Haras, 74, a district manager in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson, says she is not a traitor. Valentina Haras, who works as a district director in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson, says she is not a traitor. But on the walls of the garden where she … Read more