This city’s neighborhood plagued by terrorizing drug dealers.

Residents living near Place De Coninck in Antwerp are facing difficulties due to drug dealers invading the neighborhood for several years. The situation has become unbearable and locals are urging authorities to take action. Drug paraphernalia, street filth, and a climate of impunity have made the neighborhood feel unsafe, leading to the closure of businesses … Read more

2 in the 1000th game, Müller is happy about gifts from Iserlohn and his sharks / Munich’s successful coach Don Jackson tired of office? He’s like a young deer sometimes

Munich (ots) – Great gift! For the 1000th DEL game there is an 8:2 for Cologne captain Moritz Müller in Iserlohn of all places, whose fans received him “respectfully” this time. Müller thanked the Roosters’ supporters, the team and their own fans and, despite the anniversary, wants to forego a celebration in a beer mood: … Read more

Davos is everything to them – Newspaper Kommersant No. 8 (7453) of 01/18/2023

On Tuesday, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict became the main topic for discussions of world politicians in several places at once. Thus, a representative delegation from Washington came to Kyiv to discuss the details of American assistance. However, the meetings of the guests from the United States with their Ukrainian colleagues were relatively quiet, behind closed doors, … Read more

COVID-19: who should receive the bivalent vaccine?

The director of the National Institute of Health (INS), Victor Suarezexplained this Saturday in The Air Rotary which is a bivalent vaccine against COVID-19 and to whom this dose should be applied. What is a bivalent vaccine? Victor Suarez specified that the bivalent vaccine It is a vaccine with two compounds. He claimed that one … Read more

Minsa: Fifth wave of COVID-19 “is on the decline”, but they advise completing vaccination

The cases of contagion COVID-19 are in decline in the middle of the fifth wave, as confirmed this Saturday by the director of Immunization of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Maria Elena Martinez. However, the official called on the population to complete their vaccination scheme against COVID-19. “(The cases) are on the decline of the … Read more

Bivalent vaccines against Covid-19: when will they arrive and what do they work for? | vaccines | covid-19 | fifth wave | pandemic | minsa | PERU

In January of next year, the first batch of vaccines bivalents for the COVID-19. This was confirmed by the Minister of Health, rose gutierrez. However, it did not specify the exact date of arrival of the product or when its application would begin. Unlike vaccines against coronavirus that are already applied in Peru, the bivalents … Read more