Hussein Al-Khalil: We are moving with the Free Patriotic Movement in one direction, and we are working on common spaces

The political aide to the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hussein Al-Khalil, after his meeting with the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil, at the head of a delegation from the party in Mirna Chalouhi, indicated that “Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement are moving in one direction, and we are not in a … Read more

A Lebanese documenting the green spaces on the mountains of Saudi Arabia • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Lebanese documented a video clip in which he expressed his surprise at the greenness of the mountains in the Kingdom. And he said during the video: “Saudi Arabia is green. And he continued: “God willing, by God, I am happy, my brother. I feel lost, the first time I see these scenes.” … Read more

Rain water drives away the specter of drought and ushers in a season of agricultural abundance

A rainy winter season removes the specter of drought from the regions of the country and increases the percentage of agricultural areas by increasing the water levels of dams and reservoirs. At a time when the specter of drought aroused the fears of many, a heavy rainy season reduced the level of fears, increased the … Read more