Online pre-registration begins for the basic level of education

Photo: Focus Agency Liliana Tecpanecatl | Tribuna News01/30/2021 , 4:24 pm Puebla, Pue.- February begins and with it the pre-registration process for all minors who … Read more

Supports BUAP Medicine graduate program for people with COVID-19

Special Newsroom Newsroom01/18/2021 , 5:35 pm Puebla, Pue.- The COVID-19 pandemic, that has affected millions of people in the world, has made it possible to … Read more

Political Marketing and Advertising Cooperation, hallmarks of the Castilian-La Mancha PSOE endorsed by the Regional Government and Angel Tomás Godoy

This is how forceful they are reaffirmed in the government team of the Cuenca municipality of El Provencio, after the press release made public by … Read more