Lumpy Skin Disease Outbreak in Eastern Libya: Causes, Symptoms, and Measures for Prevention

2023-11-16 14:35:15 The Libyan authorities announced that they had monitored the spread of the deadly “lumpy skin” disease among cows, which led to the infection of hundreds of heads and the death of a number of others. The disease appeared in the regions of eastern Libya, including the cities of Al-Bayda and Al-Marj, and other … Read more

Exclusive Footage: Hamas Gunmen Storm Israeli Family’s Home in Kibbutz Kissufim

2023-10-10 01:38:48 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented by Hamas gunmen showed them storming the home of an Israeli family in the Israeli city of Kibbutz Kissufim. The video showed gunmen shooting a dog chasing them as they entered the home of an Israeli family. It also showed a Hamas member opening the refrigerator … Read more

Former Miss Lebanon and the Universe, Georgina Rizk, did not recognize her husband, Walid Tawfiq. A video is spreading

2023-09-11 05:45:26 A video spread across social media in which former Miss Lebanon and the Universe, Georgina Rizk, appeared inside her car, talking to her husband, artist Walid Tawfiq. Georgina Al-Muqla, in her media appearance, did not recognize her husband because of the black glasses she wears. In the funny video, Walid asks Georgina if … Read more

Unveiling the Meningococcal Disease Outbreak in Virginia: 5 Fatalities and Rising Cases

2023-09-03 12:20:01 Five people have died in the US state of Virginia as a result of complications from meningococcal disease, according to a statement by the health department in the state near Washington, DC. The statement said that 27 cases of meningococcal disease, caused by a bacterium called Neisseria meningitidis of strain Y, had been … Read more

British Scientists at Porton Down Labs Develop Vaccines to Combat Disease X and Potential Pandemics

2023-08-09 06:47:00 British scientists have begun developing vaccines to prevent a new pandemic emerging from an unknown disease called “Disease X”. More than 200 scientists work at Porton Down Government Laboratories in the United Kingdom. According to the site “Sky NewsA list of high-risk animal viruses has been discovered, which in turn is affecting faster … Read more

Monitoring the Spread of the EG.5.1 Variant ‘Iris’ – Insights from WHO and Forbes

2023-08-07 04:29:00 The World Health Organization is monitoring the spread of a new variant of the Corona virus, the EG.5.1 variant, which is now called “Iris”. The organization added the variant to its watchlists about three weeks ago, according to“Forbes”. The magazine quotes specialists as saying that the mutant carries genetic features from the mutants … Read more