Doctor Manoon pointed out that Omikron BA.5 spreads quickly. Revealing the reason why some people have never been infected with covid

In addition, I have activities to eat and sing once a week. When I eat, I have to take off the mask. Sit in the … Read more

Doctor Thira keeps an eye on Songkran Festival If no protection the situation will be bad resulting in dominoes

in addition Songkran long breakforthcoming will determineseverity and protractednessof this outbreak If self defense is not good enough The situation can get worse. and will … Read more

NESDB recommends ways to fight “Omicron” as bad as zombies Just open your mouth and get infected.

3. enclosed or poorly ventilated area risk of residual germs actionOpen the windows and doors for ventilation. Contributes to reducing the accumulation of germs. The … Read more

Thailand found covid-19 Omicron has spread in many provinces.

– Dec 27, both of them began to have muscle pain and throat irritation.Check ATK On their own, both results turned out to be positive. … Read more

“Doctor Thira” reveals that Thailand is another country that has all 5 types of covids.

but from the population base Omicron that is much more extensive than the original species. It can attack both people who have not been vaccinated. … Read more

Can’t be careless! World Health Organization warns that “Omicron” has made the patient in serious condition.

On December 15th, the latest news Doctor Maria Van Kirkhof, Head of the Department of COVID-19 of World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning that … Read more