Former RCMP Intelligence Executive Found Guilty of Leaking Secrets in Historic Espionage Trial

2023-11-23 02:51:25 TORONTO: A former civilian member of Canada’s national police force has been found guilty of leaking intelligence to suspected criminals, a court has found. Cameron Ortiz, 51, was found guilty of leaking official secrets to organized crime. Ortiz has denied all the allegations against him and claimed he was working undercover to prevent … Read more

Security Risks of Yealink Videoconferencing Systems in Belgian Companies: A Warning from State Security

2023-09-16 08:45:21 Many Belgian companies have installed videoconferencing systems from the Chinese brand Yealink during the covid crisis, while this equipment raises serious security questions. Colruyt, Ontex and Fluvius, among others, have confirmed this. Proximus offers its business customers Yealink landline telephones for the professional management of their calls. Among public administrations, the National Crisis … Read more

Russian Spies in Africa: The Cold War Quest for Influence and Power

2023-07-18 04:54:25 The summer of 1960 was very hot in the future Democratic Republic of Congo. The country wrests independence from Belgium in June, the first democratically elected government is installed, then power struggles culminate in Joseph-Désiré Mobutu’s first coup in September and a few months later in theassassination of Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. A … Read more

The Most Harmful Spy in FBI History: Remembering Robert Hanssen

2023-06-05 21:47:19 The double agent died Monday at the age of 79. He was long considered “the most harmful spy in FBI history.” Par Sylvain German Published on 06/05/2023 at 23:47 This content is not accessible. Former FBI agent Robert Hanssen’s ID and business card. PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP Robert Hanssen, 79, was found … Read more

Suspect arrested in leak of confidential US documents

A young man was arrested Thursday in the United States as part of the investigation into the leak of confidential American documents, a case posing a “very serious” risk to national security according to the Pentagon. The suspect, Jack Teixeira, an employee of the Air National Guard, “was arrested without incident” and is due to … Read more

after the Pentagon, the justice investigates the leak of confidential documents

These leaks concern not only reports and documents on the conflict in Ukraine, but also very sensitive analyzes on the allies of the United States. By Le Figaro with AFP Posted on 09/04/2023 at 08:04 This content is not accessible. Ukrainian servicemen hold rocket-propelled grenades during a training exercise in the Donetsk region on April … Read more