the right reflexes to adopt for yourself and your loved ones

2023-08-18 07:58:47 HEALTH TIPS – Hydration, diet, taking medication… what are the behaviors and tips for better withstanding intense heat waves? Le Figaro make the point. In recent days, strong heat has hit the country. Such heat waves put the body to the test, with significant impacts on health. Seniors, people who work outdoors or … Read more

A few extra pounds ? Not so bad when you get older

2023-08-11 13:11:55 No diet after 65. If obesity is deleterious, being moderately overweight helps preserve muscle mass, which is crucial for seniors. It’s a paradox: even though the obesity epidemic is taking on alarming proportions, particularly in France, where one inhabitant in two is affected, a series of studies tend to show that moderate overweight … Read more

Sore nipples: when should you worry?

2023-07-15 09:18:15 Often not serious, these pains are attributable to various factors, including tobacco. In all cases, a medical consultation is still necessary if the pain persists. The nipple is a particularly sensitive area of ​​the breast that can be subject to various pains. From puberty to menopause, and even after, these pains generally correspond … Read more

Navel that oozes: what to do?

2023-07-02 04:00:00 Simple lack of hygiene or pathology, the solutions vary according to the nature of the problem. But in any case, a belly button that follows should not be considered normal. We may tend to forget it, but the navel is part of the body, and like the rest, it is subject to pathologies. … Read more

Living near green spaces makes you younger, ensures a study

2023-06-29 10:39:16 These benefits of greenery in the city on aging vary according to several factors, including social ones, according to a study published in Science Advances. In the city, parks and green spaces certainly help to reduce the heat and promote biodiversity… but also help to slow down cellular aging: according to a study … Read more

Is cracking your knuckles really safe?

2023-06-03 07:00:00 NOS ADVICE HEALTH – Do you know what causes the noise you hear? And why does it generate this feeling of relief? Is it a safe practice? Le Figaro reveals the physiological underside of joint cracking. Having your back or neck “cracked” is a common routine that many French people indulge in. When … Read more