Bressoux Incident: Two Brothers and Illegal Resident in Confrontation with Liège Police and Judiciary

2023-12-09 12:38:03 Friday afternoon, in Bressoux, a man residing illegally who had just entered a home that was not his, received numerous blows from two brothers; the sons of the tenant of the premises. Onlookers saw the individual enter the house with a bicycle and come out with nothing… Among these privileged observers was the … Read more

Understanding and Dealing with Sudden Death: Causes, Prevention, and Support

2023-12-06 16:25:19 ** ********************** ******* *********** ** ** ******** *** ******* ** **** *********** **** *********** ********** *** ******* ** **** ************ ********* ********* *** *** ******** ******** ************ ********* ** ******** ********** *** ***** **** ** ***** ** ** ********** ** ****** ***** ********* **** ******** **** ** *** ********* ****** ****** ******** ******** … Read more

Albanian Drug Trafficking Arrest: Shocking News and Updates

2023-11-27 11:51:37 This Sunday, three people of Albanian origin were arrested in connection with drug trafficking. Around 3:30 p.m., a rental Mercedes, registered in Luxembourg, overtook an unmarked police car for the first time, on the E411 towards Luxembourg. The driver passes the vehicle several times, prompting the police to intervene. The car was intercepted … Read more

Belgian Man’s Journey to the Front Lines of Ukraine: A Personal Account of War and Sacrifice

2023-11-18 10:57:00 It is in an apartment building in Rivne, in western Ukraine, that we find Bendo. At 45, this native of Brussels made a strong choice last year at the start of the conflict in Ukraine by deciding to go to the front. For a year, Bendo and his Ukrainian wife have swapped their … Read more

Rescued Dog Found in Local Stream: SRPA in Arlon Provides Care and Updates on Recovery

2023-11-17 17:04:00 Late Sunday morning, a Tenneville resident and her husband found a dog left for dead in a local stream while going for a dog walk. Listening only to their big hearts, the couple pulled the poor creature out of the water to help it. And after a new series of phone calls, the … Read more

HPV Vaccination Safety Precautions: Stay Seated or Lying Down for 15 Minutes

2023-11-15 07:01:18 Adolescents vaccinated against human papillomavirus must remain lying or sitting on the ground for fifteen minutes following the injection, recommends the Medicines Agency (ANSM), two weeks after the fatal fall of an adolescent following post-vaccination discomfort in a college. In a document published on its website, Tuesday November 14, the ANSM updates the … Read more