Disclosure of a popular drink that strengthens immunity, treats the liver, and fights signs of aging and wrinkles

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Hibiscus contains many effective and beneficial substances for heart and body health and anti-cancer, What are the most important health benefits of hibiscus? Benefits of hibiscus Hibiscus syrup is made from the dried hibiscus flower, and is served hot or iced. Among the most important benefits of hibiscus, which have been proven by … Read more

Dollar in Colombia | Reasons why the Colombian peso is getting stronger | Finance | Economy

The dollar in Colombia closed this Friday below $4,700, after a downward streak that has marked the most recent days in the local market. (Dollar closed the week below $4,700). With this drop in the US currency, the Colombian peso registers a revaluation of 1.2 percent, and thus became one of the greatest advances among … Read more

Disclosure of a famous nutritional supplement that strengthens immunity and increases fertility in men

Al-Marsad newspaper: There are many important minerals that the body needs, including zinc, so what are the benefits and harms of zinc pills? What is the recommended amount? Zinc is an important base mineral in the human body, and its importance lies in particular in the immune system, as zinc deficiency increases the risk of … Read more

Asturias strengthens the recovery of employment and increases permanent contracts with the reform

Asturias strengthens the recovery of employment and increases permanent contracts with the reform

The recovery of the Asturian labor market continues to take firm steps. During the month of February, 66,189 unemployed were registered in the region, which represents a cut of 100 with respect to the previous month, and 367,629 Social Security affiliates were recorded, which means an increase of 1,020 jobs with respect to January and … Read more

Xi Jinping strengthens his power as “leader for life”

Xi Jinping is more than ever the “heart” of the Chinese Communist Party and of the nation. It is on this fundamental basic premise that the 6th plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will meet in Beijing from November 8 to 11. Its 300 senior executives will ratify a “historic … Read more

Paris strengthens its ties with Athens

Paris consoles itself with Athens. Ten days after the shock of the Australian submarine crisis, France signed, Tuesday, September 28, a “strategic partnership” agreement with Greece. The agreement, signed by the foreign and defense ministers of the two countries, provides for a “Mutual assistance in the event of an attack on sovereign territory” one or … Read more