Stay Ahead of the Weather with the Latest Meteorology Updates

2023-09-27 22:55:17 “Meteorology” warns 7 areas: light to moderate rain, strong winds, and raised dust Sabq newspaperMeteorology predicts heavy thunderstorms, torrential rains, and hail showers… and reveals the areas affected by them Al-Marsad newspaperMeteorology: Rain is expected in 4 regions Ajel newspaperThunderstorms in these areas… “Meteorology” reveals the most prominent weather phenomena for the next … Read more

Extreme Weather Alert: Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, and Heat Wave Threaten 7 Regions

2023-09-13 22:55:48 “Meteorology” warns 7 regions: heavy rain, strong winds, raised dust, and a heat wave. Sabq newspaper“Al-Hussaini” about Wednesday’s weather: Variable rain and hail in several areas Ajel newspaperToday’s weather: active winds that stir up dust and dirt, limiting visibility Al-riyadh newspaperFrom light to semi-heavy in these areas… Al-Hussaini draws a map of Wednesday’s … Read more

Qatar Weather: Strong Winds and Dust Storms Expected | Latest Updates and Forecast

2023-09-01 13:49:44 Doha: Strong winds will blow in Qatar this weekend. The day will be hotter. Dust storm is also possible at some places. At times the wind can gust up to 26 nautical miles. This is just before the country enters autumn. Wave heights range from 2 to 5 feet. Sometimes it can be … Read more

Wildfires in British Columbia, Canada: 35,000 Evacuated – Latest News and Updates

2023-08-20 01:28:36 2023/08/20 09:28 35,000 people evacuated as wildfires spread in British Columbia, Canada. (Reuters) [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The wildfires in British Columbia, Canada (British Columbia, BC) continued to burn on the 19th. Governor Daniel Eby revealed that the current situation is quite serious. 35,000 people have received evacuation orders, and another 30,000 People are on … Read more

Taoyuan Beer Festival: Devastation, Controversy, and Wasted Public Funds

2023-08-04 05:59:55 After the typhoon, the “Taoyuan Beer Festival” venue was like a ruin. The Taoshi Economic Development Bureau was criticized for wasting public funds. million in vain? The Taoyuan Beer Festival tent was “blown over and shouted” Members questioned why the event was not postponed for approval: 4.5 million is gone|Reporter Huang Zhengjie … Read more

Double Warning for Thunderstorms, Strong Winds, and Hail in Shandong, Shanghai, and 7 Other Provinces and Cities

2023-07-09 06:42:00 Original title: Double warning issued simultaneously in Shandong, Shanghai and other 7 provinces and cities with thunderstorms, strong winds or hail Double warning issued simultaneously in 7 provinces and cities including Shandong, Shanghai, thunderstorms, strong winds or hail Source: Original manuscript by People’s Daily Online People’s Daily Online, Beijing, July 9 (Ouyang Yijia) … Read more