Raphaël Jacquemart’s Heroic Act: Saving a Choking Man at a Bouillon Restaurant

2023-08-24 09:45:00 Raphaël Jacquemart is throwing a bottle into the sea. This is what he says on his Facebook page: “I would like this message to circulate. Today, my greatest wish is to be able to share a drink with this family. Talk about everything, nothing but talk. Have a good time with these people … Read more

Tragic Romantic Weekend: Mysterious Disappearance of Girlfriend in Maastricht

2023-08-21 08:07:42 A fortnight ago, we told you about the romantic weekend that turned tragic for Anthony Vincent, a resident of Mellier. While he had decided to spend a weekend with his girlfriend in Maastricht, the latter had mysteriously vanished. of videos Still having no news of her, the man had contacted us via a … Read more

Bizarre Incident: Bullet Pierces Skylight in Aiseau-Presles/Châtelet/Farciennes Area

2023-08-09 07:03:00 A starry Skylight, literally pierced by a bullet, “a bullet type hunting weapon”, confides the police of the Aiseau-Presles / Châtelet / Farciennes area. of videos This is what Feyçal, a resident of Bouffioulx, discovered on Saturday evening, having lived in this building on rue Emile Vandervelde for more than ten years. ************** … Read more

Tragic Disappearance During Romantic Weekend in Maastricht: The Disturbing Story Unveiled

2023-08-08 03:55:00 It must have been a fairly ordinary romantic weekend. In mid-July, Caroline and Anthony Vincent, from Mellier, had decided to treat themselves to a relaxing stay in Maastricht, for an André Rieu concert. of videos But when it was time to finalize their hotel reservations, the stay turned tragic. *** ******* ************** **** … Read more

Rare Seal Sighting in Urban Bruges: Mayor Discusses Potential Rescue Efforts

2023-08-04 13:12:35 It’s an animal that you don’t usually see in a city like Bruges. However, in recent days, a seal has been to Krakelebrug, Dampoort or even Steenbruggebrug several times. A situation of which the city is aware. “We must not intervene at the moment. It is only if the seal does not come … Read more

Title: “Understanding and Managing Sudden Dizziness When Standing – Expert Advice by Dr. Yassin Ali”

2023-08-02 15:33:59 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Clinical nutritionist, Dr. Yassin Ali, revealed the reasons for suddenly feeling dizzy when standing. He said in a video clip that local hypotension occurs as a result of standing suddenly after sitting. He added: “What happens is that the blood pressure above drops to 20, and the blood pressure below can … Read more