🔴 IN PLAY | In a great classic, Instituto and Atenas do not take advantage in the Cerutti for the Super 8

2023-09-20 01:46:49 An Instituto-Athens, Atenas-Instituto, will always be classic in Córdoba regardless of the category that finds them or the tournament that faces them. La Gloria and El Verde meet at the close of the second day of the Super 8 at the Carlos Cerutti Sports Center (Televisa ShowSport). After the first half, they tied … Read more

🔴 IN PLAY | Instituto and Sportivo Suardi open the Super 8 at the Cerutti

2023-09-18 22:37:15 He Super 8 tournament, which serves as preparation for the Córdoba teams that participate in the National League and the Argentine League, opens this Monday with the match between Instituto and Sportivo Suardi. The match is played at the Carlos Cerutti Sports Center. In addition, the Córdoba headquarters also participate Atenas and Barrio … Read more

Jockey beat Athletic and got the Official Ladies “A” Bonus Track

2023-07-09 01:03:15 With the victory of the Jockey Club in the Jardín neighborhood classic, the first half of the year closed this Saturday for the Official Ladies “A” Hockey Tournament of Córdoba, which will start the Super 8 from July 29. On the Soledad Garcia field of the Polo Deportivo del Kempes there was a … Read more