Syahrini’s Hot Photos and Exciting Videos Spread to Embarrass the Reino Barack Family, Check the Facts

Bad news once again hit one of Indonesia’s top singers, Syahrini. This time the news is not related to her relationship with her husband. Barack Kingdomas reported some time ago. This time the bad news came from a YouTube account with around 9.34 thousand followers about Syahrini’s disgrace. In one of his uploads, the Youtube … Read more

Syahrini Divorced by Reino Barack, Mother-in-law Asks to Return Home Immediately, Check the Truth!

Divorce issue Syahrini and Barack Kingdom heated up again. The current suspicion that is being circulated is that until now Incess, as he is affectionately called, has not had any children. This time around the news that Reino Barack divorced Syahrini. In fact, Incess was expelled by her own in-laws to return home immediately. The … Read more

FACT CHECK: Never having children with Syahrini, Reino Barack’s family matched up with another woman from Japan, is that true?

Recently, there has been a video about the family Barack Kingdom who introduce women of origin Japan as a future wife. That’s because he never had children with Syahrini. This information was obtained by uploading the Vemi Liar Youtube channel which was shared on Friday (9/12/2022). In uploading the YouTube channel, it is narrated that … Read more

Viral, Messy Chat Allegedly belonging to Syahrini Circulating, Discuss so much that this man is forced to do it.. – Even though he rarely appears on TV screens, he is an artist Syahrini still in the public eye. Syahrini’s life is still being kidnapped by various netizens, starting from the issue of divorce with Barack Kingdom until the latest circulated pervert chat allegedly his. The dirty chat that Syahrini allegedly carried out with … Read more

Her boyfriend is tricked by Syahrini, Luna Maya is picky about men to be her husband: Reino Barack is not included in the criteria

Artis Luna Maya has recently been in the public spotlight, when it appeared divorce issue between Syahrini and Barack Kingdom who is his ex-girlfriend. However, until now Luna Maya is called one of the artists who is still single. There was even an issue that Reino Barack did not enter criteria after being cornered by … Read more

‘Don’t want to get involved in trouble’ Reasons for Reino Barack to decide on Luna Maya

Before marrying Syahrini on February 27, 2029 ago, Barack Kingdom known to have an affair with Luna Maya for several years. There is confusion about why Luna Maya and Reino Barack split up. Many suspected that the businessman’s family did not give their blessing to their relationship. However, Reino Barack himself has opened his voice … Read more