FACEBANK International maintains stable rating and forecast in 2020

The most recent report from the rating agency DBRS Morningstar establishes that FACE BANK International (FACEBANK) managed to maintain the rating and the stable forecast … Read more

Uber announces portal to support authorities in contact tracing efforts

The Uber app announced the launch of a new portal that allows public health authorities in Puerto Rico to obtain information about accounts, trips and … Read more

France closes 22 schools due to coronavirus cases

France closed 22 of its 62,000 schools since the beginning of face-to-face classes this week due to coronavirus cases. Of the affected centers, 10 were … Read more

New federal proposal leaves out the second round of checks for $ 1,200

Republicans are preparing to propose an economic stimulus package of less than the initial proposal, and that would exclude the sending of a second round … Read more

Pierluisi reports result of new COVID test

The candidate for governor for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Pedro Pierluisi reported that the COVID test was performed again and received a negative result. … Read more

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González reports she tested positive for COVID

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González reported that she tested positive for COVID. The official indicated on Facebook Live that her offices, both in Puerto Rico and … Read more

Unemployment applicants will be able to see in the system what their controversial points consist of

The Secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH), Carlos J. Rivera Santiago, reported that from today the claimant will be able to … Read more

Association of Banks warning of low in the inventory of coins from the Federal Reserve

The Division of Cash and Custody of the Federal Reserve of New York reported on the decrease in inventories of coins at the national level … Read more

Residents of the U.S. who received less than $1,200 may have to wait until 2021

Citizens who received a smaller amount of the $500 per dependent minor who establishes the Law Cares may have to wait until 2021 to claim … Read more

Spike in cases of COVID-19 countries after reopening highlights importance of monitoring

The european nations reopened its borders on Monday after a confinement of three months to the epidemic of coronavirus, although international travellers are still not … Read more