Why might sneezing after vaccination be a sign of coronavirus?

Researchers have named one of the common signs of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated people. Do not sneeze to your health Vaccinations help control the pandemic, but vaccines do not provide 100% protection. At the same time, the vaccinated people show the distinctive signs of infection. In addition to basic symptoms such as loss of smell, … Read more

Symptoms, vaccine efficacy …: what you need to know about the delta variant

Although vaccines provide effective protection against the virus, they are not 100% effective. PSeveral new symptoms emerged when the alpha variant was supplanted by the delta variant in the UK, there now appears to be a difference between the symptoms reported by people who have been vaccinated and those who have not. Symptoms In people … Read more

Researchers give hope to super vaccine

The fear that the vaccines could lose their effectiveness is growing due to the newly emerging corona variants. A super vaccine could also work against all mutants. Currently the Delta-Variant from Coronavirus the dominant one in Germany. It makes up almost 99 percent of new infections in this country. Various studies have come to the … Read more

Headache, runny nose, sore throat …: the symptoms of the delta variant

Headache is the first symptom of the delta variant, followed by sore throat. LThe delta variant (ex-Indian) is twice as contagious as other strains. And specialists are warning of symptoms that could easily be mistaken for those of a bad cold, explains The voice of the North. Before, cough, fever and loss of smell were … Read more