Angelina Jolie hired an assassin so she wouldn’t resort to suicide

Tell me – International press reports revealed shocking stages in the life of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, during her depression and her thoughts of suicide. A report on the “Evie” website said that Angelina Jolie hired a professional killer to kill her. Because even though she wanted to die, she didn’t want to commit suicide … Read more

The Bahraini filly raises controversy because of a drink

Tell me – The Bahraini filly sparked controversy on social media, with the way she poured and drank a drink, as some believed that the video was not appropriate for Arab or Eastern culture. The Bahraini filly continued to participate in social media trends, especially foreign ones, among the most recent of which was, during … Read more

For your mental health, exercise is better than medication

Researchers at the University of South Australia called for exercise to be a primary approach to managing depression, after their new study showed it was 1.5 times more effective than counseling or medication in improving mental health. The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, was based on a review of 97 studies … Read more

Moroccan Habiba Wael Kfoury decides the truth of her marriage to him

Tell me – The Moroccan girl, Magda Alimus, denied the news of her marriage to the Lebanese star Wael Kfoury, after social networking sites and the Arab media were buzzing with the story of Kfoury’s marriage to the first love of his life after a 19-year separation. In conjunction with the wedding day, which was … Read more

How to use your phone to find hidden cameras

Tell me – Many hotel guests are concerned that their rooms may have hidden cameras to spy on them, and fortunately, a smartphone can be used to detect these cameras. If a camera wants to capture motion or take pictures in low-light or dark rooms, it usually uses infrared (IR) light, which the human eye … Read more

The Jordanian Al-Hara movie… Controversial profanity!

Tell me – The Jordanian film Al-Hara, the Circle, which is set in a neighborhood ruled by gossip and violence in the east of the capital, Amman, has sparked a lot of controversy because it contains obscene words. The social media platforms were buzzing with discussing the content of the film and the message to … Read more