“In the emergency room, I already received two punches in the face”: the edifying testimony of a caregiver in Nice after the tragedy in Reims

2023-05-24 05:00:00 “Everyone is shocked. We transpose…” On the forecourt of the Pasteur 2 hospital in Nice, Jordan (1) sighs. He struggles to find the words in the face of the horror inspired in him by the death of Carène, this 37-year-old nurse killed by a lunatic in Reims. “A colleague… It’s horrible. She’s doing … Read more

RTL GUEST – Drinking and driving: Julien Courbet recounts the fatal accident suffered by his father

2023-05-23 16:44:47 In a message shared on social networks, RTL and M6 presenter Julien Courbet denounced the weight of alcohol lobbies after the death of three police officers in the North, hit by a driver who was driving fast, in the wrong direction, with two grams of alcohol in the blood. Julien Courbet wanted to … Read more

“There is a deep-rooted social fear,” laments Rémy, who has been HIV-positive for 15 years.

It is estimated today that 173,000 people live in France with HIV, 5,000 new people are affected each year. Treatments are progressing, recognition of the disease is also progressing, but AIDS continues to cause fear. Rémy, 37, experiences it on a daily basis. He has been HIV-positive since 2008. “Discrimination, we experience them in different … Read more

the heartbreaking testimony of the air hostess whose photo had horrified the world, and who can no longer practice her profession, “I am told that it would be better if I worked in another field”

“He wondered if he was going to find me alive” Very quickly, his photo is found everywhere. Her husband moves heaven and earth to hear from her. He then urgently requests a visa to join her in Europe, which the French embassy will grant him. The rest of the family takes care of her daughter, … Read more

“My life is not as I wish”: Nathalie, suffering from obesity, decided to have surgery

She is preparing for it, in her body and in her mind. Well obliged. Nathalie Meyer, 57, mother of two beautiful children, is engaged in “an obstacle course”. Surgeon, dietician, physiotherapist, shrink, but also cardiologist, radiologist… Ten health professionals, no less, punctuate the six months of preparation recommended for his operation. The one who must … Read more