The authors of The Callisto Protocol dated the second DLC – it will add a mode with one life to the whole game

A developer from Striking Distance Studios said on Twitter that Contagion Bundlethe second DLC set as part of the Horror Season Pass The Callisto Protocol, will be released already March 14. The expansion release will include a new difficulty mode Contagion for the base campaign, a collection of skins Watchtower and 14 new death animations … Read more

Media: Horror The Callisto Protocol spent more than $ 160 million, but it does not sell well

Korean company KRAFTON invested in production The Callisto Protocol and studio content Striking Distance Studios order $162 million — And that’s without taking into account all the horror advertising costs. However, the creator’s project Dead Space by Glenn Scofield fared far worse than expected, and Korean analytics agencies have already begun cutting their forecasts for … Read more

‘The Callisto Protocol’: Horror and action like the classics, but updated [ANÁLISIS] | VIdeojuegos | The Callisto Protocol | PS45 | PS5 | Sony | PlayStation | Microsoft | Xbox One | Xbox Series X | PC | VIDEOJUEGOS

Talk about ‘Dead Space’ is to remember a franchise that brought a breath of fresh air to the horror and survival genre, and now thanks to Glen Schofield together with the Striking Distance Studios studio, he brings back all this magic with ‘The Callisto Protocol’but with certain changes and moving away from certain fashion genres. … Read more

First patch is dedicated to the performance issues

Horror has reigned in space since December 2nd: The Callisto Protocol has been published, but it doesn’t necessarily bring joy everywhere. Above all PC gamers suffer from extreme performance issues. They are so widespread that the reviews on Steam have meanwhile turned out to be mostly negative. In the meantime, however, there is a small … Read more

The Callisto Protocol graphics compared on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

The network has a comparison of survival horror The Callisto Protocol between current generation and past generation consoles. The ElAnalistaDeBits channel showed the differences in the graphics on the video and highlighted the main differences. On all PlayStation consoles, the game runs in dynamic resolution using temporal frame reconstruction. PS4 is limited to 1080p and … Read more

Compare the performance of The Callisto Protocol on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC

The Callisto Protocol is already on sale and, despite the fact that critics seem to agree that it is a more than competent survival horror title, the computer version presents numerous problems serious to the point that some players they have described it as unplayable. In order to test the performance of the new from … Read more