The Dangers of Noodles: Nutrition Consultant Reveals Deadly Effects on Health

2023-12-04 01:06:58 Al-Marsad newspaper: Nutrition consultant Dr. Bassem Abu Bakr revealed a common food that raises sugar, affects the liver and kidneys, and weakens the bones, describing it as a deadly food. Nutritionally poor Abu Bakr added, in a video clip he posted on TikTok: A cup of “noodles” is full of toxins that affect … Read more

2 films to watch over the holidays on Netflix

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2 unmissable thriller films on Netflix this week

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Netflix has a new thriller film this Friday, October 10th

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Releases of the week (November 5th to 11th)

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Latest Updates on Nipah Virus Outbreak in Kerala: No New Cases Reported, World Health Organization

2023-10-03 18:57:07 The World Health Organization announced that “no new cases of infection with the deadly Nipah virus have been discovered since September 15, in the southern Indian state of Kerala.” The World Health Organization quoted the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Affairs, saying that all the infected cases were males between the ages … Read more