“Pay Your Fines Now and Save: Latest Ministry of Finance Offers Explained”

2023-05-06 19:02:44 Citizens recently received a message on their phones from the Ministry of Finance inviting them to quickly benefit from a final reduction in fines, by paying the costs issued before 5/16/2023. What is remarkable is that the ministry did not explain in its letter to the citizens the nature of the costs they … Read more

Discovering Helicobacter Pylori: Prevention and Treatment for Stomach Germ Infections

2023-04-26 06:32:04 There are many diseases of the digestive system, and most of them, if neglected, result in one inevitable end: stomach cancer. One of the causes of this malignant disease is the stomach germ known as Helicobater Pylori. So what is this germ and how do we discover it before falling into the taboo? … Read more

Dear Lebanese… This is how you overcome depression and anxiety at no cost!

Successive crises hit the Lebanese.. Permanent daily shocks are inevitable in a country reeling from the impact of a loose dollar that does not know stability and does not tire of rising. Here, the citizen is floundering with worries and problems. Nothing is the same and the simplest requirements require a tremendous effort to obtain. … Read more

Only 400,000 people have insurance policies, and their price will rise by 12 percent soon… The Lebanese are in Jaljalat al-Tababah

Between the priority of health insurance and its high cost, the Lebanese citizen stands at a loss and chooses between deducting food expenses to insure his health, or leaving it “divine” without health insurance because of its cost, which is no longer within the reach of many. While the prices of all commodities are rising … Read more

The British Embassy in Beirut denies the news that it had purchased ‘data’ from the Lebanese…and this is what it confirmed

The British Embassy in Beirut issued a statement saying: The British Embassy in Beirut categorically rejects the false, misleading and unfounded allegations made in a report published by Al Akhbar newspaper on 9 January 2023 about UK support for Project IMPACT. We are and remain proud of our contribution to anti-corruption efforts in Lebanon, including … Read more

A suspicious message reaches the phones of the Lebanese.. Beware of it!

Recently, a message spread through the “WhatsApp” application in Lebanon, carrying a suspicious link, deluding citizens that they can get free balance of dollars for their phone lines, as a gift with the New Year. Follow-up sources in “Alfa” and “Touch” companies denied to“Lebanon 24” They have nothing to do with that message, confirming that … Read more