Starfield Game: Epic Launch Breaks Records with One Million Concurrent Players!

2023-09-07 18:24:13 The Starfield game achieved great success during its launch day after years of delay and game development, and it was available yesterday, to all players, and the number of “Starfield” players exceeded one million concurrent players on all its platforms, according to Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Games.And it was monitored This number … Read more

Al-Shabab Club Rejects Al-Ahly’s Third Offer for Miteb Al-Harbi: Latest Updates and Details

2023-09-06 21:27:02 The management of Al-Shabab Club rejected the third offer submitted by its counterpart in Al-Ahly to include Miteb Al-Harbi, the left back of the first football team, orally, and the Al-Ahly administration is awaiting the official response from the youth.Private sources told Al-Riyadiah that the management of the Western club raised, in its … Read more

Al-Ahly Club Withdraws from Negotiations with Al-Wahda due to High Financial Claims: Latest Transfer News

2023-09-04 21:34:42 The management of the Al-Ahly Club Company withdrew from the negotiations with its counterpart in the unit regarding the services of Islam Hawsawi, the left back, due to the high financial claims.And according to Al-Riyadiah’s private sources, Al-Ahly made an official offer earlier to Al-Wahda at an amount of 20 million riyals, but … Read more

Damak Club Rejects Offers from Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr for Abdullah Al-Ammar Contract: Exclusive Update

2023-09-03 22:23:25 A private source revealed to Al-Riyadiah that the management of Damak Club rejected the offers submitted by its counterparts in Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr in order to buy the remaining period of the professional contract for Abdullah Al-Ammar, the left back.The same source stated that Al-Ahly’s offer amounted to 5 million riyals for the … Read more

Saudi Football Association Allows Club-Player Negotiations: Maximize Benefits of Registration Periods Amid Overlapping FIFA Days and National Team Camps

2023-08-31 17:52:40 The Saudi Football Association allowed clubs to negotiate with players joining the national teams, unlike in previous seasons, so that they could fully benefit from the announced registration periods in light of the overlapping of FIFA days with the two transfer periods, according to what was revealed in a press release, Thursday. .The … Read more

Latest Updates on Al-Ahly Football Team and Players: Training, Injuries, and Scoring Record

2023-08-25 23:24:23 Al-Ahly’s first football team quickly returned to training, by decision of its German coach, Matthias Yaisle, who opened the file to confront Al-Ta’i, next Tuesday, as part of the fourth round of the Saudi “Roshen” league.Ziyad Al-Juhani, the midfielder, was absent from Al-Ahly training yesterday, according to Al-Riyadiah sources. The player went to … Read more