Taliban said that women should not take the entrance exam World | Deshabhimani

Islamabad The Taliban also banned women from taking university entrance exams in Afghanistan. Wrote letters to private universities asking them not to grant admission to women. The new ban comes at a time when international agencies are intervening to withdraw the various bans imposed by the Taliban interim government on women in the country. There … Read more

Australia will not play cricket against Afghanistan – Cricket | Australia | Afghanistan

Melbourne – The Australian cricket team has withdrawn from the one-day series against Afghanistan scheduled for March. Cricket Australia announced that the withdrawal was in protest against the anti-women measures of the Taliban government. The 3-match series was scheduled to be held in the UAE. The Aussie Cricket Board, which protested against the Taliban’s actions … Read more

Taliban ministry of education, Taliban’s ‘wide-mindedness’: Let girls study up to sixth grade; Ministry of Education with instructions to officials – Afghanistan Taliban Ministry of Education allow girls from classes 6 to pursue education

Kabul: The Taliban government has allowed girls in Afghanistan to study up to the sixth grade. The Taliban’s Ministry of Education has sent a letter instructing officials to open schools and educational centers for girls below sixth grade.Also Read : King Charles claimed that one of Diana’s lovers was his father; When Prince Harry’s Autobiography … Read more

Taliban bans girls from studying; The boys boycotted the class World | Deshabhimani

Kabul Boys protested by boycotting classes against the Taliban’s ban on university education for girls in Afghanistan. The students warned that the boycott would continue if girls’ classes were not resumed. The campaign is also active on social media with the hashtag ‘She should learn’ against the ban. Several teachers at Kabul University called on … Read more

Taliban Order NGOs To Stop Women Staff From Working Over ‘Hijab’

Image: AFP Kabul: After banning women from universities, the Taliban also banned them from working in NGOs. Working in national and international NGOs is prohibited. The ban was imposed after receiving serious complaints about the dress code of women working in these establishments, according to an order issued by the Taliban’s Ministry of Finance to … Read more

Public executions were carried out after the Taliban regained power

Islamabad: In Afghanistan, the Taliban again carried out public executions. The accused in the murder case was publicly hanged by the authorities on Wednesday. Reports suggest that the Taliban regime is signaling that it will continue its harsh policies after taking over the country in August 2021. The execution was carried out in Afghanistan’s western … Read more