Sleep Solutions: Foods to Avoid Before Bed for a Restful Night’s Sleep

2023-10-28 00:25:45 Sleep disorders are among the problems that many people around the world suffer from, and their causes are due to many factors, including exposure to psychological stress or suffering from some diseases. In addition, some foods may play a major role in depriving some people of deep sleep. Here are the most prominent … Read more

Sony Unveils PlayStation 5 Slim: Smaller, Lighter, and More Storage – Grab Yours Today!

2023-10-15 15:00:04 Sony revealed the updated PlayStation 5 Slim platforms, which come in two models that are approximately 30% smaller in size compared to previous PlayStation 5 platforms, and 24% lighter in weight. The first model comes with a detachable disk drive, while the other model comes completely digital, and if the second model is … Read more

Rania Youssef provokes her followers because of this video… ‘Respect the feelings of the people of Palestine’

2023-10-13 07:16:00 Egyptian actress Rania Youssef was subjected to widespread attack yesterday (Thursday) due to the last video she posted on Instagram, in which she announced the end of filming scenes for her new movie, “Legal Shoulder.” Youssef appeared in the video in a short, bare-breasted dress, which provoked the provocation of her followers, who, … Read more

On his 39th birthday… a timeline of Prince Harry’s disputes with his family

2023-09-17 09:39:10 Many observers of British royal affairs were optimistic about the news of peace between the two countries Prince Harry And his father, King Charles, after news circulated about a meeting between father and son in September 2023, but expectations about this meeting decreased again, after a royal source revealed that King Charles will … Read more

Designer Michael Cinco grabs attention with his collection of pharaonic costumes at the El Alamein Festival

2023-08-12 05:05:17 The fragrance of the ancient Pharaonic civilization was manifested in the North Square Mall complex in Egypt as part of the activities of the El Alamein Festival in its first session, where the international fashion designer Michael Cinco launched his collection of fashion that dazzled the audience, during the activities of the opening … Read more

Latest Crime News: Arrests, Narcotic Busts, and Vehicle Thefts Revealed by General Security

2023-08-05 21:32:29 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The General Security published a video clip, in which it reviewed a number of crimes whose perpetrators were arrested. 3 people were arrested in Abu Arish According to a video clip published by the General Security through his account on the “X” platform: “The police in Abu Arish arrested two citizens … Read more