Degradation of works of art in Berlin: a new threat to culture?

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Soviet ghosts by Natascha Wodin

Yevgenya Yakovlevna Ivashchenko, the author’s mother, has always been on the wrong side, but the portrayal of her daughter is poignant. “If you had seen … Read more

Literature: death of Ruth Klüger, survivor of the death camps

Ruth Klüger, who died Monday in Irvine, California, did not believe that we should no longer write poems after Auschwitz, and that the cinema should … Read more

“Cyanide. I tasted it. It burns the tongue and has a pungent taste ”

Blind lights by Benjamin Labatut, translated from Spanish (Chile) by Robert Amutio. Threshold, 220 pp., € 20. In bookstores on September 3. “This book is … Read more