Updates on Boulevard de la Sauvenière Construction Project: Access, Traffic, and Information

2023-10-14 12:17:17 The construction site will be located on Boulevard de la Sauvenière, at Rue Lonhienne. Coming from Boulevard d’Avroy, it will no longer be possible to turn left to make a U-turn. The crossroads located at the foot of rue Saint-Gilles will be reopened to traffic in its final configuration. As Boulevard de la … Read more

Top 10 Eco-Driving Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption by up to 25%

2023-10-10 07:45:29 Eco-driving: here are ten tips from an expert to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 25% By Yannick Hallet “Eco-driving does not mean dragging yourself on the road. By respecting the speed limits, you can arrive at the same time as someone driving faster without worrying about traffic,” explains David Miceli, trainer … Read more

Preparing for the Mosquito Invasion: Weather Conditions and Risks Explained

2023-09-12 20:29:27 They are making their comeback. After weather that was not favorable for them during a month of June that was too humid and too windy, it seems that the weather over the next few days will be favorable for mosquitoes. “The weather conditions are excellent. Locally, there will be many more mosquitoes than … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Traffic During the Rotheux Carrefour Construction in Neupré

2023-08-27 18:00:00 ****** ********* ********* ** ******** ************ ***** ** ******** ** *********** ** ******** ** ******** ** ********* ** ******* ********* ** ** ********* ********* ** ******** ** *** **** ***** *** ** ********* **** ** ****** ** ***** *** ******* ** ********* ***** ************ ***** ** **** *** **** ***** ********* ******** ** … Read more

Upcoming Changes in Mons Transportation: The New SNCB Transport Plan

2023-07-18 18:07:00 The new SNCB transport plan validated: several changes to be expected in Mons The Walloon government has validated the 2023-2026 SNCB transport plan. In Mons-Borinage, several changes are to be expected. They will also delight commuters, especially in Mons! Several changes are to be expected in Mons. – Photo News By Charly Mercier … Read more

“Motorway Closure Due to Fuel Spill: Refurbishment Work Planned to Improve Road Safety”

2023-05-31 20:00:02 Work is planned to refurbish the area concerned, the Complementary Infrastructure Financing Company (Sofico) told Belga on Wednesday evening. “A truck overturned while dumping its cargo. There is a risk of having to plan the road because of the spilled fuel oil. The motorway could be closed between the border and the Dour … Read more