Shocking Tale of Robbery: Woman Shares Her Experience of being Targeted Twice While Traveling in Turkey

2023-08-13 21:16:25 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A woman told a story of being robbed twice in the same way, while she was traveling with her family for tourism in Turkey. The citizen revealed, in a circulating video clip, details of her being stolen twice in Turkey by the same person on two different occasions, noting that the … Read more

Unlocking the Hidden Powers of iPhone Volume Buttons: Discover 8 Essential Features and Tips

2023-08-05 13:26:02 iPhone users recently discovered that the volume buttons activate eight features, such as taking photos, shooting videos, and scanning documents. Among the most prominent of these tasks: – Sending distress messages: Users can send distress by pressing and holding the power button and one of the volume buttons. This will send the text … Read more

A 14-year-old female Lebanese barber… Get to know her

2023-06-23 18:00:03 The Lebanese Ellie Ang Wahba used to go with her father to the barber to watch how he cuts his hair and takes care of him from a young age, wondering why this profession is still the preserve of men, until she entered the field when she was 14 years old. Despite her … Read more

Revolutionary Road Temperature Reduction Studies Conducted by Saudi Arabia’s Roads Research Center

2023-06-04 15:54:57 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Director of the Quality Department at the Roads Authority, Eng. Abbas Al-Hazmi, revealed that several studies are being conducted at the Roads Research Center and Accelerated Paving Tests, affiliated to the Public Authority for Roads, to reduce temperatures on Saudi roads. He continued: This laboratory was implemented by the Roads … Read more

Egypt.. A communication against the heroine of the series Jaafar Al-Omda.. and the disclosure of the charge against her

2023-05-04 17:48:05 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian lawyer, Ayman Mahfouz, submitted a complaint to the official authorities, against the actress Juri Bakr, who played the role of “Wadad” in the series Jaafar Al-Omda. The author accused the artist, Juri Bakr, of insulting Egyptian women, especially after her recent statements, according to the Egypt Times website. In … Read more

Rahaf Al-Qahtani, in her latest appearance with a swollen face after a plastic surgery • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The famous Snapchat Rahaf Al-Qahtani appeared, through her account on the social networking site, for the first time after undergoing a new plastic surgery 3 days ago, with a swollen face and changed features. Rahaf said, “Look at the result, wow,” noting that it was a very easy operation and she did not … Read more