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Clashes involving migrants took place on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan :: Society :: RBC

In the Samara region, hundreds of migrants, tired of waiting for the opening of the border with Kazakhstan, tried to break through the security forces’ … Read more

What happened during the day. RBC main news :: Society :: RBC

Potanin wrote two letters to Rosprirodnadzor about the accident near Norilsk Norilsk Nickel President Vladimir Potanin sent two letters to Rosprirodnadzor regarding the damage from … Read more

In Transbaikalia, they will check a video of a teenager lighting a candle in a church :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press The Investigative Committee for the Trans-Baikal Territory began checking a video posted in the media, where a teenager … Read more

Police denied a fight between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in the south of Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Zuma / TASS Drunk citizens fought on Marshal Zakharov Street in Moscow, the conflict was not of an interethnic nature. About it TASS reported … Read more

Popova warned of the risks of COVID infection after the opening of flights :: Society :: RBC

The start of the resumption of international flights does not mean that all the risks associated with the coronavirus are over, Popova said. According to … Read more

Egyptian parliament allowed the president to send troops to Libya :: Politics :: RBC

Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi (Photo: Thomas Hartwell / AP) The Egyptian Parliament unanimously approved the possible dispatch of troops to carry out combat missions outside the … Read more

IC opened a case after a woman’s body was found in a suitcase near Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case after discovering the body of an elderly woman in a suitcase in the … Read more

The main supplier of pipes for Gazprom has become a contender for ChelPipe :: Business :: RBC

The main owner of ChelPipe Andrey Komarov (owns 86.5%: 77.26% directly and another 9.28% through Bounceward Ltd). The search for investors for ChelPipe has been … Read more