Recognizing the Signs of Clogged Arteries: Expert Tips and Warning Signs

2023-12-05 00:28:18 Al-Marsad newspaper: Experts revealed the most prominent signs that indicate the possibility of clogged arteries with fats and cholesterol. According to my WebMed signature, “eatthis”. Experts explained that these signs are: – Indigestion Some of us expect indigestion to occur as a result of acid reflux or problems in the digestive system, but … Read more

Understanding the Early Symptoms and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer – Expert Advice by Professor Valery Igeyev

2023-11-30 03:33:45 Al-Marsad newspaper: Professor Valery Igeyev revealed the initial symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Pancreas cancer Egeyev said that pancreatic cancer can be suspected early when signs such as jaundice, diarrhea, or constipation are noticed, noting: There are symptoms that a person should not ignore, such as unexpected jaundice, diarrhea, or constipation, loss of appetite, … Read more

Mouth Ulcers: Warning Signs of Oral Cancer and Dental Care Tips

2023-11-12 02:10:10 Al-Marsad newspaper: A medical study revealed that mouth ulcers are a warning sign of oral cancer. For his part, Dr. Nigel Carter, a British dentist, explained: ā€œIgnoring dental care is one of the factors that cause mouth ulcers.ā€ He added: “This also leads to the discovery of oral cancer at a late stage,” … Read more

Unveiling the Hidden Signs: Abdominal Swelling as a Potential Indicator of Malignant Diseases

2023-11-06 07:54:43 Al-Marsad newspaper: Many people are unaware that abdominal swelling may be a sign of a malignant disease. According to the Verywellhealth website, symptoms of liver cancer include: 1- Abdominal swelling: Some people may feel the presence of a hard, swollen mass in the area below the rib cage on the right side. In … Read more

Identifying High Cholesterol: Signs of Yellow Swellings and Why You Should Seek Treatment

2023-11-03 05:55:49 Al-Marsad newspaper: Many people suffer from high blood cholesterol, and one of the signs that indicates it is a mark in the nose. Yellow swellings According to Harvard Health, what results from high cholesterol is the appearance of yellow plaques, which are small yellow swellings that usually appear on the eyelid, and can … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Prostate Cancer Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis

2023-10-29 08:18:53 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Prostate cancer is considered one of the most common types of cancer in men. It is a type of cancer that affects the prostate gland, which is located below the bladder in men. The first signs of prostate cancer include the need to urinate frequently, especially at night, a frequent urge … Read more