They find a dead person in a farm in Cabo Rojo

The authorities reported the violent death of a person during this morning, Thursday, on Highway 303, Las Palmas neighborhood in the Cabo Rojo town. According … Read more

Film theft after accident with a vehicle overturned in Guaynabo

A man who stopped on Thursday morning to help some people who had an accident on John F. Kennedy Avenue in Guaynabo, was the victim … Read more

Miguel Romero and Juan Oscar Morales retake the lead in San Juan

The candidate for mayor of San Juan for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Miguel Romero, resumed the lead against Manuel Natal Albelo, candidate for the … Read more

Violent deaths reported in Añasco and Moca

A man was killed by several gunshots at around 12:33 am this Thursday, on highway # 402 in front of a restaurant in Añasco. The … Read more