Devastating Typhoon Strikes China – Climate Change Implications and Unprecedented Damage Revealed

2023-09-20 09:40:00 The typhoon continues to rage in China. It is estimated that 10 people were killed in the disaster that affected about five thousand people. It is also said that 137 houses were destroyed. China’s eastern region suffered the most damage. Footage of the devastating cyclone and others were released through social media sites … Read more

Devastating Floods in Derna: Searching for Survivors and Assessing the Human and Material Loss

2023-09-18 16:53:14 A week after the disaster Floods and torrents that invaded the city of Derna in eastern Libya. She kneels patiently on her hands and knees amidst the rubble and rubble that took the place of her brother’s house. She digs with her hands, holding on to the hope of finding the family buried … Read more

Fake Video Circulating: Tornado After Hurricane Idalia in Florida

2023-09-11 12:50:27 He Wednesday 30 of August, Hurricane Idalia made landfall near Keaton Beach, Florida, USA. When it arrived with winds of 205 kilometers per hour, the National Hurricane Center classified it as a category 3 hurricane. In this context, users have shared on social networks impressive records of the Idalia Pass. One of them … Read more

Devastating Tornado Hits Pfizer Plant in North Carolina, as Extreme Weather Sweeps Across the USA

2023-07-20 16:00:11 PA Agency North Carolina, United States / 07.20.2023 10:00:11 A tornado caused extensive damage Wednesday to a major Pfizer plant in North Carolinawhile torrential rains inundated communities of Kentuckyplus an area that goes from California to the south of Florida suffocates under the scorching heat. Pfizer confirmed that the massive manufacturing complex was … Read more

“Massive Hailstones Strike Texas and Florida in Tornado Storm Front: Witness the Chaos”

2023-04-28 14:15:00 04/28/2023 4:15 p.m. – 01:02 a.m Storm front with tornado Huge hailstones hit Texas and Florida A storm front moves across the Gulf of Mexico – and hits. A tornado causes damage in Texas and it rains heavily at times. Footage from Florida shows a swimming pool into which even hailstones the size … Read more

At least 18 people were killed in powerful storms sweeping the United States

Posted in: 02/04/2023 – 00:29 A violent storm accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain swept across the southern and midwestern parts of the United States on its way east on Saturday, killing at least 18 people and injuring dozens. The turbulent weather comes a week after a series of thunderstorms spawned a deadly tornado … Read more