Prince “Walid bin Badr” publishes a new schedule for the victory tournaments with the start of the work of the tournament documentation committee!

Al-Marsad Sports: Prince Walid bin Badr, former Vice Chairman of Al-Nasr Club, published a new schedule for the official and friendly Al-Nasr club tournaments, with the first meeting of the Championship Documentation Committee of the Saudi Football Association. He said in a tweet via his Twitter account: “On the occasion of the club representatives’ first … Read more

A vaccination against cancer

Fight cancer effectively Viruses and cancerous growths have one thing in common: both have the ability to fool or switch off the immune system in order to be able to spread undisturbed. However, virus-induced cancers at least have the advantage that they can be defeated under certain circumstances if the viral infection is treated therapeutically. … Read more

Novak Djokovic beats Grigor Dimitrov at Australian Open 2023

Think what you want, get bogged down in phobias and conspiracy theories, but if you do, you are missing out on a true legend such as he is. Novak Djokovic. The Serbian continues to amaze the world with an unusual capacity for adaptation, an amazing capacity and practically unprecedented in the world of sport to … Read more

The Russian football union stumbled on the transition

In the coming days, the Russian Football Union (RFU) will have to resolve, apparently, the most pressing issue for it now – the transition from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). His idea was born in connection with the UEFA sanctions, which for a long time deprived both … Read more

Rafael Nadal, future plans in Mexico, near retirement

There is no better possible climax to a tour of Latin America than playing a match in the Plaza de toros Monumental in Mexico City. Before that unmissable appointment with which Rafael Nadal At the end of his journey, the Spaniard appeared before the accredited media and offered some very interesting reflections on various topics. … Read more

Novak Djokovic beats Daniil Medvedev in a spectacular battle

There was nothing at stake, but the match between Novak Djokovic y Daniil Medvedev It was one of those matches that any fan would like. Nole faced the duel without pressure knowing that he was already first in the group, while Medvedev did it with the intention of not leaving the ATP Finals as the … Read more