Extraordinary Hospitality in Al-Dawasir: Saudi Cyclist’s Encounter with Warmth and Generosity

2023-07-25 10:43:02 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi cyclist named Turki Al-Asiri documented the reaction of a citizen towards him when he entered Wadi Al-Dawasir Governorate. And the clip explained, “Al-Asiri”, while he was touring the regions of the Kingdom on his bike, but when he entered the city of Al-Dawasir, he found a citizen stopping his … Read more

The Humane Stance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman towards Homeless Saudi Citizen Ahmed Haroun in Canada

2023-06-08 13:41:15 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The homeless Saudi citizen in the streets of Canada, Ahmed Haroun, shared a video clip of him, mentioning the humane stance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman towards him, after 10 years of insulting and insulting the kingdom and its symbols. And Haroun directed at the beginning of the clip, please, … Read more